3D Model Rendered Images

What are these?

Photo-realistic images rendered from a three dimensional software model of the building and surrounds.

What is this for?

A hobby. Part historical documentation and part visual aid for projects I'd like to finish or start on some day.

Historal use

There are few photos of the schoolhouse. I'll be able to show things as they were at various times throughout the life of the schoolhouse, as close as I can determine.

The photos that exist provide some clues to details and there's also a plan drawing showing proposed alterations circa 1905.

Visual aid use

As a part of the current renovations and additions, everything from how light levels and angles affect colour choices and furnishings to feature design.


The model is not complete yet. In the meantime here are some renderings from the work in-progress. These images include current and some proposed features that are not historical. The setting that the model is in does not portray the real-life setting and is actually a high dynamic range spherical panoramic photo taken in a park by someone else and used to light the model. I chose it because the light and the vegetation is a good match.


The fully lined verandah roof is original. The posts were replaced and the skylights and concrete floor were also added, most likely in the 1980's, as likely was the verandah extension down the side of the building at right of the image. At some time English Ivy covered at least the end of the verandah at right. Vines extend through the verandah roof and the evidence is they were cut before the verandah extension was added.

1. Original front entrances facing the main road - classroom (left) and parlour (right)

2. Parlour entrance

3. Looking along the verandah

4. Classroom entrance closest to camera


The parlour and bedroom, both under the main pitched roof, have lime rendered stone interior walls and lime plastered lath ceilings. There was no cornice originally because there was no gap between ceiling and walls. Instead, a decorative 8in high stencil pattern had been painted around the top of the walls. The ceiling is at 10ft 6in and a picture rail extended around the walls at about 8ft above floor level.

Image 5 is how the parlour (bedroom one) will look once the current renovation/restoration is complete.

5. The parlour

Image 6 is generally where the vaulted ceiling former classroom, now lounge/living room, is heading.

6. The former classroom - to be the lounge/living room