Annex Building Loft Transformation

1. Larger loft space finished

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The Annex

The annex building was built around and extended the original double garage, of which only the original concrete slab remains, and incorporates: (ground level) double garage, workshop, storerooms, rumpus area; (upper level) a large 'A' frame constructed loft space running the full length of the building and divided into two rooms.

The Plan

The smaller of the loft rooms is approximately 5m x 5m and lined with beaded natural timber paneling and exposed cedar raftersThe larger area of the loft is approximately 10m x 5m and lined with low grade plywood sheets and exposed cedar rafters. I wanted to start by painting this larger least finished part. As with the external work on the annex it would be an opportunity to practice DIY techniques, primarily with the airless paint sprayer, before moving on to the main house interiors.Except for the beaded panel wall separating the two rooms, all surfaces and trim would be the same colour (Dulux "Stowe White" Wash and Wear Matt).

Interior Painting

2. Plywood knot holes and cracks filled

3. First coat of primer/undercoat (sprayed)

4. Second coat of primer/undercoat (sprayed). Gaps are now obvious between the rafter trim (cove) moulding and paneling. Rafters are rough cedar and not covering well with spray

5. Paintable filler applied full-length along all seams. Rafters, trim (cove) moulding and all seams painted in top coat by brush. First top coat applied to paneling (sprayed)

6. Second top coat applied (sprayed)

Room measurements and materials used


  • Total painted surface area: 105 sq.m
  • Total filled seam length: 300m

Materials used

  • Paintable gap filler (water-based paints): 12 tubes
  • 2 coats primer/undercoat (water-based): 28 litres
  • 2 coats top coat (water-based): 15 litres

As a check of my [hopefully improving] spray technique, my top coat coverage worked out at 14sq.m per litre, which is the nominal coverage quoted on the container.

Painting the window casing in the wall colour has made the window look smaller, and the end wall look larger. Together with the softened reference lines of the painted rafters has made the whole room look larger. Or rather the intrusiveness of those features had made the room look smaller.

At the start I was going to replace the light fittings but now I've decided to keep them.

7. A space to relax in