1. Paddock 1

2. Paddock 1 - reverse angle - elm grove

3. Paddock 2

4. Paddock 2

Table of Contents

Starting Point

The property has three fully fenced (small to medium dog-proof) paddocks within a triangular 0.98Ha (2.4 acre) envelope:

At the time of exchange of contracts 6 weeks prior to transfer of title, paddocks 1 and 2 were being used as stock paddocks (three pet sheep) plus one stray and I suspect old and blind kangaroo. As you can see the sheep kept the grass down but numerous thistles, weeds and legumes and the small prickly kind infested the paddocks.

Paddock 1 has a leveled area which I assume was intended to become a tennis court but not completed or was abandoned as such a long time ago.

 5. Paddock 1 from the house yard and lastly the lane-side yard (8 weeks prior to transfer of title)

6. Paddock 2 and the stray blind kangaroo (8 weeks prior to transfer of title)

Two weeks before transfer of title the region had a very late (mid Spring) heavy fall of snow that broke several large limbs on several of the trees that were already in leaf. So I had an immediate cleanup job to do as an initiation. Several of these breakages threatened further damage to fences so cleanup was a priority.

7. Snow breakage (cedars along main road). An upper limb snapped, which cascaded down to snap another two limbs below. The lowest one then snapped the chains holding the mail box to it's support post

 8. Snow breakage (oak tree)

9. Snow breakage (corkscrew willow tree)

Paddock 1 includes a small grove of classically beautiful and very old trees (three elms and a cedar). The stone structure is one of the two out-houses erected in 1880 with the old school house. This one was the "boys" toilet and is still in working order (as a "long-drop" toilet). It is currently home to a very messy possum. The "girls" toilet is much closer to the school building but is now a garden tools store (and another messy possum house).

10. Elm tree grove

 11. Elms with an old cedar (centre)

 12. Old Atlas cedar

13. Elm and cedar grove

There are a total of five water tanks on the property totaling roughly 140,000 litres capacity.

The Plan

I want to restore paddock 1 to a grassed recreational area for people and dogs. I'm hoping to transform paddock 2 into a landscaped park-like garden with [drought resistant] plantations and walking trails.

I would like to enhance the existing fencing and gates around the house yard to make them snake-proof, but need to consider that if snakes can't get in they also can't get out. Vigilance and the status quo may be the better option.

The disused water tank near the leveled area could be converted to equipment storage.

House through the trees

When I eventually start landscaping the paddocks I want to preserve, and if possible enhance, vistas like that in image 14.

14. House and annex through the trees - vista from paddock 2 - June 2nd, 2019