After 18 months

So far approximately 30 large trailer-loads of prunings and clippings have gone to the green-waste centre at a total cost of $300 ($10 per load) plus about 15 hours travel and unload time. Some has been stored as firewood. There is plenty more that can be done for general cleanup so considering buying a chipper to deal with the bulk of it. I will want mulch and wood chips eventually for landscaping.

1. Paddock 1

2. Paddock 1 (reverse angle)

3. Paddock 2

4. Paddock 2 (reverse angle)

5. Paddock 2 (Elm Grove with paddock 1 behind and house in distance). Just a few days of Autumn 2014 remaining.

6. What was the "Boys" outhouse is still functional and incorporates a hand-basin with plumbing but needs to be connected to a rainwater tank.