Fruit trees

I have finally motivated myself to prune the two apple trees, which were well overdue. A lot of centre branches have been cut out for light and air as well as low hanging branches for access and to direct growth where it will be most productive. I'm leaving lopping the tops of tallest branches for next year because the trees are not in the ideal location being shaded by a large corkscrew willow tree. Originally there were three trees but I cut one down in 2013 that was completely under the canopy of the willow. They have been producing copious but small apples that the birds and possums have been enjoying. I have no idea what variety they are - green/yellow and possibly a cooking variety - not very juicy or sweet.

1. Apple trees - first pruning in at least six years

Mid-summer: the trees produced apples again but the possums picked them all. At least I know I didn't hack the trees to death with the pruning and they look much better as garden features. Next winter I'll prune the height and think about how the possums might be encouraged to share the apples.