Main Road Screen Tree Pruning

There is a line of mature Cypress trees along the main road boundary and fenced off from the paddocks/yards. Their lower branches had started to grow through the fence making mowing difficult and damaging the fence. There is also litter that accumulates from passing traffic and retrieving it is usually difficult. So it would be good to be able to walk the line under the trees.

1. Lower branches damaging fences and inpenetrable.

2. Starting down by the water tank, now nearly two thirds done. The chipper is a Hansa C13 and it took everything up to 90mm. The thicker branches did need to be cut into shorter lengths so that the machine can finish chipping the piece before it stalls

There were a few pieces that were too thick to put through the chipper so they will go to the wood shed.

Some branches were left that are too low to walk under because those trees have high voltage power lines going over the top and have been topped by the power company and I wanted to leave as much green on them as possible rather than risk killing them. The path can go around those trees on the outside.

The undergrowth that can be seen on the left is a row of Hawthorn trees decended from the original boundary "fence". They will lose their leaves in winter so I've now planted twenty camelia japonicas to provide year-round screening.

3. The finished job.