Lunar Eclipse October 2014

A lunar eclipse occurred on 8th October 2014, starting at approximately 8:15PM. The Moon only partially passed through the full umbra region.

Where does the red colour come from? The moon is literally being illuminated by all of the sunsets and sunrises happening around the world at that moment.


Intervals of approx 5 minutes starting at 10:28PM

For anyone who is interested, these images were taken using:

Canon EOS 7D (APS-C sensor)

Canon EF 200-400mm f/4.5 lens

400mm focal length

f5.6 (max at 400mm)

ISO 400

1 second exposure

Canon TC-80N3 remote timer controller (interval timing at 10 seconds)


  1. The original intention was to produce a time-lapse video but the interval was too long for the narrow field of view. Frame interval was 10 seconds and exposure was 1/10th of that to incorporate some motion blur. Should have used an interval of 1 second and exposure of 1/8th second or so).
  2. f5.6 was the maximum aperture I could get from the lens at 400mm focal length.
  3. The 400mm focal length on the 7D (APS-C sensor) is equivalent to 640mm on a standard 35mm camera.