Kitchen renovation

General design constraints

  • The property is supplied by a single phase mains power feed with a 63A breaker at the pole. Already allocated within this is a 5kW (20 A) input geo exchange heating/cooling system. The garage annex includes two reverse cycle A/C units plus tools and equipment in the workshop all behind a 32A breaker. With other domestic electrical appliances already installed there isn't enough headroom to run an induction cooktop (32 A) and conventional electric oven (32 A). It may be possible to have the mains supply increased to 100A max if the wiring from the pole to the house can support it.
  • New [gas] cooktop and oven must be located where the old wood fired stove currently is in order to reuse the existing extraction ducting route through the room above to the roof.
  • The kitchen must provide for general passage from the main entrance hall through to the rest of the extension. No ovens etc can be located where access to them is via this passage.
  • Both windows are under a wrap-around verandah which includes translucent shylight areas over the windows.

Design one

Brief: Modern convenience and efficiency with a heretage look and feel. No structural changes.

Shaker-style cupboards and drawers

900mm floor-standing gas cooktop and oven unit (Ilve model shown)

Microwave wall oven

Sink, dishwasher, recycling and waste bins in island bench

Layout to allow multiple people to work at the same time.

900mm minimum isle width.

400nm filtered drinking and cooking water supply beside cooktop.


Modelled and rendered in Blender from an initial design done in Sketchup.

The rendered images below are not intended to "sell" the design, I don't have that skill. They try to represent how the design might appear in reality.

Incorporates several materials and components modelled by others and available for free download on their websites. The Ilve 900mm cooktop in these renders I chopped down from a 1200mm Ilve cooktop acquired as a free download from a subscription models service.

The licorice cabinets, turmeric island kitchen

Natural light only. An attempt to visualise natural lighting level.

The existing kitchen is full of dark surfaces and using that as the reference, I estimate that the light level in this rendering is close to realistic. I assume then that renderings using other surfaces are also roughly indicative of how they will look in reality.

The later renderings that follow use the same or slightly better realistic environmental lighting.

View from dining passage - morning natural light only

The licorice cabinets, turmeric island kitchen

All lights on.

View from dining passage - morning all lights on

The all-white kitchen

Making maximum use of natural light for working during the day.

Counter and cooktop lights on.

Apart from direct light entering through the windows, a substantial contribution of light reaches the back of the room via the ceiling after reflecting upwards off the large patio area (red/brown pavers) that wraps around the outside of the corner at centre of image.

Fisheye view - morning, autumn or spring, light fog

The all-licorice cabinets kitchen

Intended to evoke an older style with black cornice and trim, relying on artificial light for working.

All lights on.

Fisheye view - evening, full moon

The teal cabinets and grey island kitchen

All lights on.

Fisheye view - evening, full moon