Revised Floorplan Idea

Existing floorplan problems

There are a few things that I would like to change in the way the house is layed out.

  1. The stairs from the attic rooms descend into the middle of the dining/family room, which restricts options for furniture arrangement and room use
  2. The "ensuite" (second toilet plus shower) entry is directly off the dining/family room
  3. The laundry is a long narrow space that is cramped and awkward after machines are installed
  4. All traffic between the extension and the original schoolhouse rooms goes through the kitchen
  5. The breakfast room could be better used as a mudroom and passage to a proposed future enclosed bridge to the annex. This little used room is a heat sink in winter and source in summer most of the day and night and should be able to be isolated.

1. Main House Floorplan - at transfer of title

New floorplan solutions

The first change that has been effected already is the reopening of the closed-off doorways in the old school building. They are the external door into bedroom one (originally the parlour), and the internal door between the two bedrooms (originally from the parlour into the main bedroom).

The remaining changes are future possibilities.

1. Reverse the direction of the stairs. To fit them in without major structural changes to upper level floor beams etc., i.e. through the same opening in the floor above, they would need to go from a straight run to a "Z" run incorporating two right-angled turns, one at the bottom starting where the laundry door is currently and one at the top.

This is the only alteration that depends on another alteration having been completed (the ensuite/laundry amalgamation).


    • This will enlarge the floor area of the dining/family room while adding privacy between downstairs and upstairs, which is likely to be used as childrens bedrooms or study/retreat areas.
    • Access to upstairs is less disruptive to activities in other rooms.


    • Movement of large items via the stairs is more difficult. To ameliorate this, the stairwell would be balustraded upstairs.

2. The ensuite and laundry would become one area, still accessed from the dining/family room but via a more discrete/secluded doorway.


    • The plumbing would not change for any of the facilities because they are do not move.


    • The hot water tank would move a meter or two from where it is now (under the stairs) to connect to plumbing more centrally.

3. The breakfast room becomes a mudroom with a sliding or bifold door plus screen to create a vestibule at the side entry.


    • Enhance "country" look and feel of the home.
    • More storage for heavy clothing and foot wear, which moves from immediately inside the side entrance.
    • Compatible with proposed future house-to-annex enclosed bridge.
    • Sleeping and feeding area for household pets.
    • Reduce the air conditioned space, saving energy.


    • No longer usable as a sunny breakfast room.

4. Removal of the wash basin nook off the main entry hall and the linen/pantry cupboard that backs onto it from the other side to create a long passageway from the main entry hallway into the extension areas.


    • Will open up a vista from the den in the old section through to the dining/family room and reverse that will visually enlarge the interior space.
    • The option emerges to close off one of the access points to the kitchen, providing more options for kitchen layout.


    • A wash basin or two will need to be added to the main bathroom. The bathroom is due for an update renovation.

2. Main House Floorplan - planned alterations - maybe

Reopened doorways in the old schoolhouse

Why reopen the original doorways? Because they are original and they are there, but also to create options for how the rooms are used. They may be configured as separate rooms or they may be combined as a suite with separate external access, etc.