Main House Extension
Exterior Transformation
Box gutter

Another job that needed doing was to fix the problem of the large box gutter and how it spilled onto the verandah roof.

1. Water damage below box gutter

The water damage can be seen where the verandah roof meets the cement sheet panels below and to the left of the lip of the gutter. During heavy downpours water also tends to run back under the flashing and down the wall at the back of the verandah near the front door and where the electricity meter box is mounted on that wall. Water is being deflected backwards by the two electrical conduits running across the gutter lip. They feed the A/C unit on the roof and the hot water system at the back of the house and need to be rerouted, and may be removed altogether if the new A/C system I'm considering is installed.

A header and spreader downpipe was added to collect and then release the outflow to the verandah roof in a more controlled way. The header is actually just an Icon Plastics tropical vortex outlet for 90mm downpipe with stop-ends fitted, and at about 450mm is perfect lengthwise for this job. The height with a 90 degree elbow fitted was fortunately also just right. This does not mean that PVC guttering is about to replace the fire-resistant steel guttering, which eventually will all be replaced with new steel guttering. The electrical conduits had already been removed by the time the photo below was taken.

2. New header and spreader

A thunderstorm arrived during the following week and the header and spreader worked perfectly, but the gutter in the foreground is undersized for the catchment and number of downpipes. It is leaking anyway so will be replaced with a higher capacity gutter with a better profile.

The photo above shows the header and spreader after about two years, including a 300mm dump of snow six months before (Winter Wonderland).