Main House Extension
Exterior Transformation

Table of Contents


North Gable

1. As at October 2012

2. The edge-rolls have been scoured using a brass wire brush in a battery-powered drill to remove all loose paint.

The faux snow pillows have been trimmed off, as was done for the annex, then all surfaces were pressure washed. This is a north facing side that gets full [southern hemisphere] sun all day and quite a lot of powdery oxide came off the old paintwork. Any gaps between the ends of the lapped cement sheet planks and the framing behind the barge boards were filled using a paintable sealer.

The Stegbar window sash (upper and lower) were easily removed for access to the roof. In photo 2 you can see the top ladder tied to a cross-brace (saw horse actually) such that it is stable and tight.

3. The zinc-plated steel edge-rolls were cleaned with mineral turpentine as per the instructions for the Dulux All Metal Primer then primed and top coated.

The barge boards and exposed framing were painted Dulux Weathershield Masonry Matt "Paperbark". A first coat of Dulux Weathershield Satin "Isolation" was applied to the Hardiplanks. Still have the window to paint but finished for the day.

East Gable

The paint is peeling off the edge rolls, and I want to change several other things here also.

4. East gable

5. Barge boards trimmed and repainted

The faux snow pillows have been trimmed off the barge boards. The edge-rolls, barge boards, and Hardiplanks [above the window] have been painted "Paperbark". The edge-rolls were cleaned and primed as for the north gable, but this time I tried one of those nylon paint stripping wheels and found it a little quicker and easier to use. Either way, eye protection is critical.