Main House Extension
Exterior Transformation
Rooftop clutter

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South Gable

The faux snow pillows have been trimmed off and painting completed. The electrical conduits that ran across the roof from the meter box to feed the A/C unit and hot water tank have been removed.

1. Painted but still junk to remove.

2. Gable patched and just one more conduit to remove.

The old broken A/C unit and piping is now gone. The conduit nearest the box gutter is now gone. The remaining conduit feeds a spotlight on the back of the house and will go when that is replaced.

That will be the last of all the rooftop clutter that was a maintenance chore and actually damaging the roof by preventing leaf litter from being flushed away. Instead it was clogging the corrugations causing water to back up where it could potentially seep under the sheeting overlaps and enter the roof space. Bad news all round.

The inside of the skylight was dark varnished cedar (image 67) and has been painted white (image 68) to brighten the entrance hall.

Woodstove flue

Now that the new geo exchange HVAC is installed, it's time to remove the woodstove and it's flue.

3. Top half of the external flue and bracing struts removed.

4. Flue completely gone and a new corrugated iron sheet installed.

In hindsight I should have removed the inner flue sections from below before removing the top of the outer flue from the roof.

I bought the 9 metre extension ladder for the schoolhouse woodfire flue install and now it is a very useful roof ladder. It just needs a stop at the bottom to prevent it from sliding out from under. I was able to slide the new 3.8 metre corrugated iron sheet up the this ladder to the roof, making it doubly useful. Not wanting to end up in hospital I climb the shorter ladder and transfer my weight to the longer ladder at the gutter so I don't ever put my weight on the unsupported section of the longer ladder, which is not designed to take a full load at that 45 degree angle.

The new sheet stands out a little because the old sheets have faded considerably in the decades they've been exposed to scorching north-west afternoon sun. I intend to repaint the entire roof at some point but in the meantime to match the original colour (Colourbond River Sand) I had to buy a close tone in the new colour range (Colourbond Paperbark) and spray it with a can of Colourbond River Sand roof and gutter repair enamel. Now that I can see the as-new colour, I'm guessing that the old schoolhouse was repainted a matching colour after the extension roof was installed.

5. March 2016 - Rear of residence.