Main House Extension
Exterior Transformation
Verandah post replacement

The very first thing I needed to do on the property was fix an item identified in the pre-purchase building inspection report.

One post had significant rot at the base where it was fixed in the support stirrup and needed to be replaced.

A new 86mm square post was bought along with a few pieces of cheap non-structural pine to act as temporary supports. The new post was measured up and cut to length then rebated and shaped to match the old post, then primed. The temporary supports were cut to length and wedged in place, one each side of the old post. Two were needed because the horizontal top member had a lapped join in it at the top of the post, which was secured by the coach bolts that would be removed along with the post.

1. Supports in place, post removed

2. New post (right) in place, supports removed