Bedroom One


There are two chimneys on what is now the front side of the building and I want the inside to reflect that.

Exhuming the fireplace but for another purpose.

2. Probing the extents. Starting in line with the centre of the hearth using the Dremel oscillating saw to remove chunks of plasterboard. Keeping a close watch out for electrical wiring

3. Plasterboard removed to expose the furring strips. No sign of pests or wood rot. Furring strips used here are 50mm x 12mm radiata pine

4. Furring strips and skirting board cut and removed. The oscillating saw made this easy. Looks like a small combustion heater was used at some point after the fireplace was bricked up but before the room was clad with plasterboard

5. Bricks and rubble removed. The remaining bricks appear to be part of the original fireplace. They will probably be removed also. No skeletons were found but I did find the job a little spooky