Bedroom One
Door framing

New jambs

Once the subfloor in the other bedroom had been completed the newly re-opened doorway between the two bedrooms needed a new jamb. I used the same method as for the Den to Lounge doorway remake. The main difference with this one is the 15mm gap to the subfloor sheeting at the bottom so that the overlay can extend under. Also, the bricks were too soft to take the screw-bolts so I had to use dyna-bolts instead before covering them over with the MDF strips.

Post demolition adjustments

I hadn't decided to demolish the wall and ceiling lining at this time, so the jambs are aligned with the gyproc lining and not the original rendered wall. Also, I pulled the new subfloor up in this room to redo it with new sistered joists to better level and stiffen the floor.

As a result of that some adjustments had to be made to these jambs.

Floor level change

The floor level came up by between 5mm and 10mm and so required cutting the same amount off the bottom of the side jambs to accommodate laying the overlay flooring.

1. Doorway jamb completed.

Lining removal

Demolishing the gyproc wall lining and its batons meant that the jambs now protruded about 20mm past the original rendered wall surface. This needed to be trimmed back while keeping the profile.

I used a trim router to do most of the cutting, finishing off using a hand pull saw at the very bottom and the corners where the router couldn't get to.

First the raised part of the profile (the stop) was trimmed back using the router then an oscillating saw and removed, then the main part of the jambs were trimmed back.

2. Jambs trimmed back flush with render