Bedroom Two

1. Schoolhouse Floor Plan

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This room was the main bedroom and was originally accessed directly from the parlour (bedroom 1). That doorway was closed and a new doorway was opened from what is now the Den (originally a second bedroom or study). The room has a small fireplace that is now decorative only.

Past renovations

  • Addition of a built-in wardrobe in the fireplace alcove

  • the laying of wall-to-wall carpet

  • the opening of a new entrance doorway in the fireplace alcove from the Den

  • the closure the internal doorway leading from bedroom 1 (1981)

  • chimney shared with the Den was capped

  • ducted oil heating installed

Renovation Plan

  • Remove carpet

  • Replace oil heating ducting with HVAC ducting and relocate vent

  • Replace floor with new with underfloor insulation

  • Relocate and install additional power outlets

  • Remove the built-in closet to restore fireplace alcove symmetry

  • Replace cornice all around after removing closet

  • Repaint walls and ceiling

  • Strip and restore the cast iron fireplace surround

Old wall-to-wall carpet

The bulk of the wall-to-wall carpet and foam underlay was well past it's useful life and was removed as my very first inside task, so that I could see exactly what I was dealing with underneath.

Most of the flooring needs to be replaced.

Entrance doorway


I've just completed the sill for bedroom one and I now need a matching sill here. As for bedroom one, some adjustments are necessary. I used MDF pieces under the sill (image 2b) to raise it 12mm to bring the top surface flush with the overlay that will butt up against the sill. I also needed a 19-12=7mm deep rebate on the underside of the sill (image 2c) to sit over the 19mm subfloor sheeting to accommodate the 130mm width of the sill.

A 20mm strip was glued to the leading edge to bring the sill forward more, with 20mm cut off the back edge. That was easier than starting over. And I've chosen to sand and expose the underside of the board. I don't mind putting some of the history on display.

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2. Doorway sill