Bedroom Two
Render repairs

Walls and ceiling repairs


All of the walls in this area have been painted in the past with modern plastic paints, so the question arose around restoring the original breathability of the walls and whether to attempt to strip them back.

The walls that are entirely internal both sides are not a problem. The walls that have an external face are also under verandahs and rarely if ever get wet apart from very occasional condensation during very cold nights or days with heavy mist around. There is a slate damp course in the walls to inhibit rising damp. Generally, the climate is considered dry. The only slight evidence of damp affected timbers has been the small area midway along the external wall where the under floor vent is level with the floor.

So the question is answered: the walls in this area will be repaired for cracks etc and then repainted as they stand. They will not be returned to their original condition of lime plaster and milk paint.


Just where the plaster came away over the loose nailing block beside the window.

31. Patch over window nailing block


Apart from the small area of render lost next to the refurbished window there are a few hairline cracks, most notably above where the doorway had been closed off. Except for a small area the plaster appears to be solid, no hollow-sounding areas. These cracks will be opened up and filled. I will almost certainly also remove and redo the plaster just above the top of the door where it has completely come away from the timber lintel, I assume because the lintel timber itself has skrunk.

There are old ceiling cracks under latter paint layers but are not directly visible.

32. Cracks opened up for repair.