1. Schoolhouse Floor Plan

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Renovation Plan

Over the decades, as well as being an all ages classroom, this room has been used for music recitals, community dances, public lectures, school board and community meetings, and as a polling place.

Nothing structural is planned but the interior needs to be repaired and updated.

Original flooring is 130x24mm T&G hardwood timber, possibly Tallowood. This is a very dense and hard wood. Floors are very worn in places but don't appear to have been sanded since originally laid. Various access points have been roughly cut into the flooring, at least one per room, for installation of the ducted oil heating. It was clearly intended that carpet would be laid to hide this work. It appears that no effort was made to lay ground sheets when repainting, for the same reason. Gaps in the flooring were roughly filled with a plastering filler.

Originally the most important room in the building, the classroom, includes a large open fireplace that is still operational. Access was originally only via an external doorway and later also via an internal doorway from the study, added after 1945 according to the recollection of an ex-pupil who saw the room recently. Four large double-hung sash windows provide light and views to the south, west and north. The 15 foot high vaulted ceiling is lined with painted timber paneling, with exposed tie beams extending across the width of the room. The uneven stone internal wall surfaces have been roughly rendered with lime render and then painted, with acrylic paint used in later coats. There are extensive library shelves covering all of the wall separating this room from the rest of the residence.

Old wall-to-wall carpet

The bulk of the wall-to-wall carpet and foam underlay was well past it's useful life and was removed as my very first inside task, so that I could see exactly what I was dealing with underneath.

2. Tie beams stripped back to bare wood

Removing the bookshelves

3. Carpet and bookshelves removed

4. Carpet and bookshelves removed (reverse angle)

5. Boards reused from other rooms

6. Fireplace converted

7. No turning back after this

8. Verandah window refurbished